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Growing Together Community Project

photo of quiltmaking

Help Us Grow - One Piece at a Time!

To help commemorate our 10th birthday, Stepping Stones collaborated with Peace by Piece: The Norwalk Community Quilt Project to create a quilt with the theme of "Growing Together." Local artist and designer Lizzy Rockwell worked with children and adults from the greater Norwalk community to design, sew and quilt a unique work of art. This intergenerational project exemplifies the museum's mission to inspire and nurture lifelong learning.

Come and see the quilt today or contact the Family and Teacher Resource Center at Stepping Stones Museum for Children for more information.

image-Two children working on a handmade quilt.

The Quilt represents a truly intergenerational project that brought together a community. See the finished quilt on display in the Stepping Stones Hub.

About the Norwalk Community Quilt Project

The Norwalk Community Quilt Project was conceived in 2007 as a way to enhance the lives of young people and elders in the city of Norwalk by bringing them together in a common endeavor. The idea of a quilting project was proposed to the Norwalk Children's Foundation (NCF) by Lizzy Rockwell, a local illustrator and art teacher from the Norwalk AfterSchool Alliance, who had grown up making quilts with her mother, sister and neighborhood friends as a teenager. The NCF has developed a series of intergenerational community projects that sew seeds of goodness to improve the prospects of young people growing up in Norwalk.