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Learning Philosophy

The Learning Framework is a strong set of foundational ideas that guides the planning of all of the museum’s experiences – exhibits, programs, promotional events and partnerships.

Learning through play

At Stepping Stones, play is serious business. We understand that children learn best by doing. All exhibits and programs are designed to promote active inquiry and investigation through three interacting elements:

  • Play is the naturally interdisciplinary way that children explore, discover and develop.
  • An interdisciplinary mix of arts, sciences, culture, and literacy offers experiences that overlap and interact, spanning multiple subjects and skills.
  • Interdisciplinary discovery tools help facilitate children’s explorations and discoveries.

Connecting with the Community

The community and its children are at the heart of who we are and what we do. As a premier multidimensional educational resource, Stepping Stones has a unique contribution to make in responding to community issues and needs. The museum fosters and maintains community connections and partnerships to strengthen its ability to offer opportunities that positively impact children and communities.

From the community, we identified four principles significant to a child’s well-being and future. These principles guide the focus of museum planning and enable us to provide relevant learning experiences.