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Our Story

Rendering of Stepping Stones

Our History

Stepping Stones opened in March, 2000, and was founded by Gigi Priebe in response to the needs expressed by parents, educators and community leaders actively seeking quality educational offerings to help children learn and grow. Our ability to grow in step with our community and the changing world is due to the thousands and thousands of individuals who believe Stepping Stones is an essential resource in expanding young minds.

Be amazed

Stepping Stones Museum for Children is not just any museum. It’s a fun, colorful and engaging environment that recognizes the value of play in promoting learning, creativity and discovery. As a special place where children of all ages are encouraged to explore, invent, test and observe, the museum is a leading destination for schools, groups, families and anyone seeking a “wow!” experience.

Designed with the earth in mind.

Bigger, better and smarter than ever, the new facility is LEED Gold certified and includes solar panels, a green roof and even a wind turbine. With a focus on energy-themed education and learning, the expansion more than doubled the space of the original museum plus introduced a host of new exhibits and more resources for teachers and parents.

We may have to mow our roof!
It’s planted with vegetation so it absorbs rainwater, provides habitat for wildlife and lowers air temperatures around the building.