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Conservation Quest®
Mini Exhibit was made possible by

Energize Connecticut

Additional support by

• The Foster Family Fund
• Horizon Foundation, Inc.
• Purdue Pharma

Conservation Quest, an extension of Healthy Children, Healthy Communities®, is made possible by The Bauer Foundation • UnitedHealthcare • State of Connecticut • The Foster Family Fund • Herb and Anne Gullquist • People’s United Community Foundation.

Conservation Quest® FREE Mini Exhibit

Conservation Quest® Logo

FREE Mini Exhibit for Schools,
Libraries and Youth Serving Organizations in Connecticut

Bring museum-quality experiences to your school. Vibrant pull-up banners, portable hands-on exhibits and play-filled activities allow students to learn by doing.

Host the Conservation Quest® Mini Exhibit

A small, portable exhibit promoting energy conservation. Learn about clean energy, light bulbs, recycling and more. Sets up anywhere — gym, media center, classroom, lunch room.

Available free of charge to elementary schools and libraries throughout Connecticut. Stepping Stones Staff delivers and installs the exhibit.

Reserve today! Contact Brian Morrissey, Manager of Exhibit Travel and Maintenance,
203 899 0606, ext. 220 to schedule or learn more.

DOWNLOAD an informational PDF

Target Audience

  • Students grades K – 5
  • Educators, schools, after school sites and community service organizations

Sample Activities

  • Bright Ideas

    Visitors turn a crank to compare the amount of energy required to light up an incandescent light bulb, a CFL and an LED. Learn about which is more efficient, the cost of using each bulb, how long they last, disposal and conservation tips.
  • How Do You Stack Up?

    Visitors stack up blocks sized to represent the amount of electricity various appliances use and determine how much electricity their family uses each day. They can play again and again, changing simple things to use less electricity.
  • Solar Energy

    Visitors explore how solar panels change sunlight — a renewable energy source — into electricity to turn on different electronics.
  • Sort the Waste

    Learn about where waste goes while sorting 2-dimensional items into their proper containers: plastics, glass, paper, metals, garbage, compost, donations and other.

mini exhibit photo

mini exhibit photo

Curriculum Information Topics

  • Energy
  • Environmental Health
  • Conservation
  • Future of Energy


  • Explore what energy is and how we use it
  • Discover that some earth materials are limited and need to be conserved
  • Understand that choices we make affect our health and the health of our planet
  • Be inspired to continue practicing energy conservation techniques

Curriculum Connections

Conservation Quest contains strong curriculum connections and activities at a variety of skill, cognitive and developmental levels. Complementary educational program ideas provide extended learning to reinforce the exhibit experience.


  • Inquiry, Literacy and Numeracy
  • Properties of Matter – K.1, 3.1
  • Energy Transfer and
    Transformations – 4.4, 5.1
  • Matter and Energy in Ecosystems – 4.2
  • The Changing Earth – 2.3, 3.3
  • Energy in the Earth’s Systems – 4.3
  • Science and Technology in Society – K.4, 1.4, 2.4, 3.4, 4.4


  • Algebraic Reasoning:
    Patterns and Functions – 1.1, 1.2
  • Numerical and Proportional
    Reasoning – 2.1, 2.2
  • Working with Data:
    Probability and Statistics – 4.1, 4.2

Social Studies

  • Standard 1: Content Knowledge – 1.5, 1.10
  • Standard 2: History/Social Studies
    Literacy – 2.2
  • Standard 3: Application – 3.2

Healthy and Balanced Living

  • Standard 1: Core Concepts – E.1.1
  • Standard 3: Self-management of
    Healthy Behaviors – E.3.4

An initiative of

Healthy Children Healthy Communities