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Healthyville® Mini Exhibit was made possible by

GE Capital

With additional support by

• Newman's Own Foundation
• People’s United
• Community Foundation
• Purdue Pharma

Healthyville, an extension of Healthy Children, Healthy Communities®, is made possible by The Bauer Foundation • UnitedHealthcare • State of Connecticut • The Foster Family Fund • Herb and Anne Gullquist • People’s United Community Foundation

Healthyville® FREE Mini Exhibit

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FREE Mini Exhibit for Schools, Libraries and Youth Serving Organizations in Connecticut

Bring museum-quality experiences to your school. Vibrant pull-up banners, portable hands-on exhibits and play-filled activities allow students to learn by doing.

Host the Healthyville Mini Exhibit

A small, portable exhibit promoting healthy choice. Shop at the Good Foods Market, use a pulse meter, balance food choices with physical activity, practice brushing and flossing a big mouth and more. Sets up anywhere — gym, media center, classroom, lunch room.

Available free of charge to elementary schools and libraries throughout Connecticut. Stepping Stones Staff delivers and installs the exhibit.

Reserve today! Contact Brian Morrissey, Manager of Exhibit Travel and Maintenance,
203 899 0606, ext. 220 to schedule or learn more.

DOWNLOAD an informational PDF


Vibrant pull-up banners, portable hands-on exhibits and play-filled activities allow students to learn by doing.


  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Safety
  • Hygiene

Educational Goals

  • Understand proper oral hygiene
  • Explore the importance of exercise to the heart
  • Practice using tools to measure heart rate
  • Identify food groups and practice sorting foods into the different food groups
  • Balance activity level with healthy eating
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Curriculum Connections

Healthyville contains strong curriculum connections and activities at a variety of skill, cognitive and developmental levels.


  • Requires 250 – 500 square feet of space. Some schools choose to set it up in a gym, a media center or a large hallway. Libraries typically display the exhibit in a lobby or children’s section.
  • Remains at your school for 1 week or your library for 2 weeks.
    Two Stepping Stones staff members will deliver and install the mini exhibit for you. Installation takes approximately
    30 – 45 minutes. Once your rental period is complete, Stepping Stones staff will dismantle the exhibit and take it to its next location.
  • School staff members will receive a
    15-minute orientation during installation.
  • Stepping Stones recommends one classroom at a time experience the Mini Exhibit, 45 – 60 minutes per class and encourages all classrooms to participate.
  • Each classroom will be asked to complete a short evaluation at the end of their experience.

An initiative of

Healthy Children Healthy Communities