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Express Yourself

Express Yourself logo

Our Newest Permanent Exhibit on Social-Emotional Learning 

To help children and families acquire the social-emotional learning skills to be successful in an increasingly complex world, Stepping Stones developed Express Yourself.

Through art, music, cooperative games and more, children, families and groups will practice expressing themselves and exploring their own emotions. They can act out their feelings on camera and explore how creating artwork, listening to music or dancing can affect their mood. Children can learn how to overcome frustration as they cooperate with other visitors to successfully move a ball through a maze. Express Yourself is filled with fun and effective tools and techniques for children to use in their everyday lives.

“We want to give parents, caregivers and educators information, tips and tools that help encourage positive behavior as well as convey the importance of social-emotional learning in a fun, engaging and relevant way.”
– Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill, Director of Exhibit Design and Delivery

An initiative of

Healthy Children Healthy Communities

Express Yourself was created by Stepping Stones Museum for Children as a part of its Healthy Children, Healthy Communities® initiative.

photo - express yourself exhibit

photo - express yourself exhibit