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Tot Town®

photo - Tot Town, Stepping Stones Museum

Infants and toddlers have a great place to play in Tot Town!

1,2,3 come discover with me! Inspired by the latest research in early childhood development and play, our imaginative space sparks curiosity, fosters early learning and promotes literacy. Whether it’s singing along with classic childhood rhymes or interacting with familiar objects, Tot Town is a great way for infants, toddlers and their caregivers to play and learn together.

Enhanced exhibit areas in Tot Town include:

Language Lane

Discover the fun and fantasy of language through a large interactive mural. Watch in delight as kids grab a letter cape and role-play as an alphabet superhero! Discover the fun and fantasy of language through a large interactive mural and letter scape that brings new meaning to the “printed” word.

Baby Zone

Oh, baby! A safe place for babies to begin exploring their world. Activity mats, a giant gymini, toys and puzzles make tummy-time fun time! Air blowers, props and books keep families engaged for hours.

Home Sweet Home

A multi-level climbing structure invites children inside for pretend play and skill-building. Venture into a doghouse, climb stairs, prepare a meal and then slide down into the garden!

Wheels on the Bus

It’s a trip your toddler won’t want to miss. Climb aboard a yellow school bus, sing along with the classic song and ride through the community enjoying familiar sights along the way.

Old MacDonald’s Farm

Like a day in the country, children learn about farm animals and relax at the end of a long day fishing with magnetic poles.

Tinkering Tots

Got a hankering for making things work and just fixing things? Roll up your sleeves and tinker away in the garage. Find what you need and build, construct, fix things and even race cars on the raceway!

Performing Tots

Enjoy a front-row seat to your child’s live performance. A child-sized performance area with costumes, props and musical instruments invites children to strut their stuff in music, theater and dance.

Art and Science Exploration

Move over Monet and Einstein! Art and science take on new meaning when toddlers get hands-on with messy materials and explore famous works of art.

Book Nooks

Need some time out? Curl up with your favorite little person to read, relax, cuddle and explore a fanciful tale or two.