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Stepping Stones Cafe and Museum Store

Take a Break!

Our cafe and gift shop are open during normal museum hours. 10:00 am – 5:00 pm daily. Members enjoy a 10% discount in the cafe and gift shop – membership card must be presented at time of purchase.

Museum Cafe – A Menu Makeover

You asked and we listened: New healthier options are now offered!

We look forward to providing your family with a nutritious and delicious menu, using locally sourced ingredients when possible, baking techniques over frying and wholesome ingredients.


Sliced Apples
Dole Fruit Cup
Hummus & Pretzels
Fresh Fruit
Ice Cream
Babybel Cheese
Yogurt Parfait
Apple Sauce
Gogo Squeeze


Hot Food

Hot Pretzel
Chicken Nuggets
Gluten Free Chicken Fingers
French Fries
Sweet Potato Fries
Mac & Cheese
Slice of Pizza


Create Your Own Sandwich or Salad

Veggie Wrap or Sandwich
Meat Wrap or Sandwich
Half Sandwich


Ask our staff for available ingredients.


Apple & Eve
Bai 5
Vita Coco
Planet Fuel
Hint Water


Age of Reason Museum Store

The Age of Reason at Stepping Stones, the museum gift shop, offers an array of unique, quality playthings for your kids.

  • Fully stocked with a variety of fun – books, tools, kits, games, music and more!
  • Stepping Stones t-shirts and more fundamental memorabilia.
  • Create a gift registry for your child.
  • Need an ultra-cool goody bag for your Stepping Stones Birthday Party?
    Call 203 899 0606, ext. 254.

Let us help you with your gift-giving 
Call or e-mail us for personalized suggestions. Describe your children's ages and interests and your price range, and we'll be sure to fit them. We wrap and ship. We'd love to help. Call 203 899 0606, ext. 254 to order or for more information.

Spirograph Deluxe Set

Spirograph Deluxe Set – $29

You'll never outgrow a Spirograph® art and drawing toy. A classic retro toy, the Spirograph will amaze kids, and parents will wax nostalgic. Since it was introduced in 1965, as a drafting tool, the wheels and rings cleverly combine the art of mathematics and art that has inspired and delighted for generations. 15 wheels, 4 shaped wheels, 2 rings, rack, 3 colored pens, spiro-putty, 20 sheets of paper and a 14 page design guide book. 8+

Fluttering Butterflies

Fluttering Butterflies – $10

Gear toys introduce kids to movement in an exciting and meaningful way. Turn, turn, turn the colorful segments of the vehicles or butterfly gear toy. Easy to grab, swap, and rotate, kids will enjoy putting the gears in place and making them move. Helps promote coordination and fine motor skills; encourages imaginative play and comes with a list of extenuation activities for children. 18 months+

Switch and Spin Magnetic Gear Board

Magnetic Gear Board – $20

Ten interchangeable cards with pictures of animals, insects, vehicles, or clowns to replicate, or kids can build their own. Helps teach colors, shapes, counting and simple mechanics; promotes fine motor skills, problem solving and creative play. Comes with 8 gears, 10 unique designs, magnetic board and extenuation activities for children. 2+

Hoberman Sphere

30" inch Hoberman Sphere – $35 (minis for $16)

A Hoberman sphere amazes as it expands from 9.5" to 30" in diameter, increasing in volume almost 30 times! This toy is educational and fun all rolled into one! Spheres come with a pulley, hardward and instructions to hang as a cool, kinetic mobile. An educational booklet about the geometry of the sphere, and a "21 Cool Things To Do" activity sheet are included. No assembly required, pulley and instructions included. 4+

Euler's Disk

Euler's Disk – $35

This object displays a beautiful and elegant motion when you spin it and watch it roll (spoll) on its mirror base. As it loses energy during spolling by squeezing out the air between its rolling edge and the mirror base, it slows while seeming to be speeding up, before stopping abruptly. Magical, mystical, but based on hard core physics going back to the scientific theories Leonard Euler espoused in 1752. A great work of science, art and theater, this disk is also a unique gift. 8+