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Museum Map

Exhibit Map or Stepping Stones Museum for Children
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Celebration Courtyard

Play in this vibrant outdoor space complete with an open-air tent, Big Blue Blocks, oversized games, performances and a spot just for tots. Think movement, music and lots of family fun.

Energy Lab

An immersive, wet and windy environment sets the stage for children to learn about the science of energy.

Tot Town

Play gets underway in this imaginative space designed especially for children birth­ - 36 months.

Community Garden

Explore and enjoy the natural world through six main gardens —­ Grassland, Rain, Butterfly, Edible, Herb and Woodland. Three whimsical sculptures use wind, sun and water to produce a lively concert of music sounds.


Our 27-foot kinetic sculpture was designed by artist George Rhoads. Follow the balls and discover how they put the sculpture in motion.

Build It!

Build a new environmentally-friendly home. Learn about architectural design and construction.

Express Yourself

Through art, music, cooperative games and more, children, families and groups will practice expressing themselves and exploring their own emotions. Children can learn how to overcome frustration as they cooperate with other visitors to successfully move a ball through a maze. Express Yourself is filled with fun and effective tools and techniques for children to use in their everyday lives.

Family and Teacher Resource Center

Children, parents, caregivers and teachers can find materials and resources that provide exceptional learning opportunities.

Multimedia Gallery

An interactive learning lab to connect local children with children, families and communities throughout the world.

Light Gallery

Experience an abundance of natural light, colorful LED displays and exhibits created by, for or about children, their families and the community.

Traveling Exhibit Gallery

Throughout the year Stepping Stones plays host to exciting exhibits created by other museums and organizations. See the current exhibit.

Traveling Exhibits presented locally by Xerox Foundation.