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Video/Photography Disclaimer

Please be advised that all visitors may be photographed and/or videotaped for promotional purposes. If you do not want your image or your child’s image to appear in the museum’s marketing materials, please notify the Welcome Desk when you arrive.

Visitor Tips

Stepping Stones Museum for Children visitor tips

Rules to Play By

  • Adults must accompany children at all times
  • Park strollers in stroller parking due to limited space in exhibits
  • We are a nut-free environment Enjoy food and drinks in our cafe or outdoors
  • Change diapers in the restrooms Keep shoes on for safety
  • Limit cell phone use to emergencies
  • Help children clean up after themselves
  • Ask for help
  • Explore together and HAVE FUN!
  • MEMBERS: Please have your member card and ID ready

Have Fun. Play Safe.


  • Explore together. All children
    must be accompanied by an adult, and all adults must be accompanied by a child.
  • Notify staff members in any emergency situation. Floor Supervisors are certified in CPR and First Aid.
  • Enjoy food in the cafe or outdoors.
    Visitors with special requirements
    can review nutrition ingredients by contacting café staff.
  • Strollers are restricted from most areas
    of the museum due to safety and space restrictions.



Limited stroller parking is available. Please do not use strollers in the museum for transport.


  • Women are free to nurse throughout the museum. For a quieter space, we suggest Tot Town or the benches near our main restrooms.
  • Wheelchair is available upon request.
  • Batteries, cameras and diaper-changing kits are available at the Age of Reason gift shop.
  • Diaper-changing stations are located in all public restrooms.
  • Stepping Stones is busiest on weekday mornings and rainy days. Typically, the museum is less crowded after 1:00 pm.


Stepping Stones is ADA compliant.

Helpful Tips for Busy Days

The museum can seem very busy at times, particularly during inclement weather and on holidays. Although this can be a little hectic for parents, the kids have a great time!

Here are a few ‘busy day’ tips for parents:

  • The museum is always busiest early in the day. Visiting after 1 pm is best if you want to avoid the crowd.
  • Remember what your children are wearing. On occasion, kids and parents do become separated. Museum staff are experts at helping everyone find each other and it is especially helpful if you can tell us how your child is dressed and even show us a picture.
  • Bring a change of clothes for your children if they like to splash in the water. Energy Lab can get wet and wild.
  • Leave your stroller at home if you can. Stroller parking is limited and on a busy day it can be very challenging for parents and visitors with strollers trying to move through the exhibit spaces.
  • Our cafe has limited seating, but there is additional seating in the Celebration Courtyard and there are picnic tables around Mathews Park if you want to eat outdoors. Just keep your admission receipt on you so that you can re-enter the museum.

Be patient and know that we are all in it together! The museum is a great resource and we are glad so many children and families are playing and learning at Stepping Stones Museum for Children.